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IB "Guidebook to taxes"

Information on taxes and insurance premiums, accounting and tax reports, on payment, offset and tax refund (a penalty fee, penalties) and also on controversial issues of part one of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Step-by-step instructions, practical examples, models of filling of documents, disputable situations.

Practical manuals:

Subjects of manuals: order of calculation and payment of taxes (VAT, income tax, personal income tax, etc.) and insurance premiums, annual accounting reports, tax audits, collecting shortage, penalty fee, penalties, offset and tax refund (penalty fee, penalties), special tax modes.

Grants contain step-by-step instructions, practical situations, numerical examples with calculation of a tax or a contribution for each situation, information on an order of filling of forms of the reporting and models of filling of forms. Texts contain references to legal acts, letters of profile departments (Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, etc.), jurisprudence.

Encyclopedias of disputable situations:

Subjects of encyclopedias: disputable situations on taxes and contributions, on part one of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

Encyclopedias of disputable situations contain various points of view (Ministry of Finance and tax authorities, leading experts on taxes, a position of vessels) and possible options of actions on the controversial issues arising in practice. References to legal acts, jurisprudence, consultations, publications of the press are given.

Addressed to:

  • chief accountants;
  • accountants;
  • finance directors;
  • auditors;
  • tax consultants;
  • lawyers;
  • heads of the organizations.

Delivery options:

Guide is delivered as a part of systems "Consultant Business: Version Prof", "Consultant Budgetary organizations: Version Prof", "Consultant Accountant: Version Prof", "Consultant Accountant" , "Consultant Accountant: Questions-answers", "ConsultantFinancier" and "Consultant Business".

Updating of information: