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Training center in Moscow

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We invite You to take part in complex training in effective work of users with systems ConsultantPlus. For this purpose we — an Official distributor of ConsultantPlus Network — LLC "Business Consulting — LAbIT" — hold the training seminars-practical works in an educational class of our specialized business partner. The training seminars are intended for specialists of the enterprises and the organizations of various forms of ownership, heads, accountants, auditors, economists, financiers, lawyers, the staff of human resources departments, specialists of budgetary organizations.

Thematic seminars-practical works are held in specially equipped premises of LLC International center of business development of "AEF-KONSALT" for the address:

Moscow, Friedrich Engels St., house 75, building 21. 

At thematic seminars-practical works wait for You:

Highly qualified independent experts with significant practical experience in solving topical issues on taxation, tax, civil and labor law. With extensive experience in conducting learning activities and advising of Clients.

Our advantages:

  • For clients of the LLC "Business Consulting — LAbIT" company visit is FREE;
  • There are no restrictions on the number of visits of seminars by one company;
  • It's possible to visit seminar by several users from one Company of Client;
  • Providing the accumulated information on the announced subject (opinion of official bodies, independent experts experts, decisions of the courts, etc.);
  • An opportunity to receive answers to in advance sent questions on standards of the legislation within a seminar subject;
  • An opportunity to communicate to colleagues, to discuss with them situations from practice;
  • Spacious audiences, modern equipment, personal computers with complete sets of ConsultantPlus;
  • Separate workplace for comfortable studying of opportunities of ConsultantPlus;
  • Methodical materials which will help you with further work.

You have an opportunity to ask one question about a seminar subject, having sent it to not later than 2 working days before date of a seminar.


ATTENTION! Participation in the training seminars-practical works for moscow clients of LLC "Business Consulting — LAbIT" is FREE!!!

 After termination of complex training you will recieve personalized Certificate confirming ability of users to work with LRS ConsultantPlus.


You can issue pre-entry for participation in the training seminars-practical works and also you can formulate and refer questions on the problem interesting you to the lecturer on scope of an online seminar, having called our specialists by phones: +7 (495) 781-07-83 or 781-07-84 and also having sent the e-mail to the address:


HURRY!!! The number of places on online seminars is limited!

Location map:


Travel to the bus stop «Ul.Bakuninskaya street, house 84».

From the «Baumanskaya» metro station – 3rd stop: 

  • trolleybuses 22, 88; 

  • buses Т25, М3*;

  • walk ~15 min.

 From the «Elektrozavodskaya» metro station – 3rd stop:

  • trolleybuses 22, 88;

  • buses Т25, М3*;

  • walk ~15 min.

 From the «Komsomolskaya» metro station (from the area of 3 railway stations) – 7th stop: 

  • trolleybuses 22, 88 (metro station «Komsomolskaya» – metro station «Baumanskaya» – metro station «Elektrozavodskaya»).

* Bus M3 «Stadium Luzhniki» — «Semenovskaya Metro station» («Kropotkinskaya», «Biblioteka imeni Lenina», «Okhotny Ryad», «Lubyanka», «Kitay-gorod», «Baumanskaya», «Electrozavodskaya», «Semenovskaya»).

Additional routes of land transport:

  • trams 37 and 50 (metro station «Komsomolskaya» – metro station «Krasnoselskaya» – metro station «Baumanskaya» – metro station «Aviamotornaya»);

  • tram 45 (metro station «Sokolniki» – metro station «Krasnoselskaya» – metro station «Baumanskaya»);

  • trolleybus 24 (metro station «Krasnye vorota» – metro station «Baumanskaya» – metro station «Aviamotornaya»).

To pass through a barrier to the yard of multystoried office building of gray color. Central entrance with a green peak. 1 floor. Conference room of "AEF-KONSALT".

You should have a passport!