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Webinars for experts

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We invite You to participate in webinars held by the Official distributor of ConsultantPlus Network - LLC "Business Consulting – LabIT" together with our specialized business partners. Webinars are designed for specialists of enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership, managers, accountants, auditors, economists, financiers, lawyers, employees of personnel departments, specialists of the budgetary organizations.

1. Webinars are the ideal choice, if You value intensity and speed of development of the material. The webinar runs for several hours, is part of the working day. Webinar presenter selects the material with the expectation that not one minute of the Webinar were not in vain.

2. The opportunity to participate in the seminar, which is conducted by senior lecturer of the Centre for business and vocational training on the most topical issues of taxation, accounting and law.

3. Participating in the Webinar, you have an opportunity to save money!

1) for the customers of LLC "Business Consulting-LabIT" monthly one-time participation in the Webinar is FREE !!! Discount for attending two or more Webinars during the month 50% off !!!

2) for NON customers of LLC "Business Consulting-LabIT" participation in the Webinar is not free !!!

The cost of participation in the Webinar for NON clients for one participant of 2460,00 rub, including VAT 20%!!!

Discount for participation in the second and more Webinars within one month - 20%!!!

Discount with the assistance of two and more employees of the company client in one Webinar - 30% for each connection!!!

4. Webinars are an excellent choice if You appreciate your comfort. On the Webinar You do not need to argue with colleagues about how to enable or disable air conditioning in the room. During the break of the Webinar You have to be tea or coffee by your favorite recipe, and indeed, getting to participate in the Webinar, You are in familiar surroundings, which is also undoubtedly increases the attractiveness of Webinars.

5. On the Webinar You have the opportunity to ask unlimited questions of the presenter of the Webinar. You can transfer your questions not only before the Webinar, but in the chat during the whole time of the Webinar.

6. At the end of the Webinar You will receive unique teaching material developed by the author of the Webinar.

7. At the end of the Webinar You can obtain a personal certificate confirming Your participation in it.


 Attention! All webinars are conducted by Russian-speaking teachers, and ONLY in Russian language. If you speak Russian and want to participate in our webinars to apply you can by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page, and the themes and timetable (in Russian) see here.


How to participate in the webinar?