Business Consulting-LabIT
Limited Liability Company
A member of a national network dissemination of legal information ConsultantPlus

Information service

Updating and replenishment of the information massif of ConsultantPlus


Legal reference system should contain constantly up-to-date and up-to-date information. The user will be able to find the document he needs at any time. Updating (adaptation) and replenishment of ConsultantPlus is the basis of the entire range of services.

In order to guarantee the maximum completeness and relevance of the information array available to the user, the update (adaptation) of ConsultantPlus Systems is carried out with maximum frequency. The procedure itself takes several minutes. During the update (adaptation), new documents are added to the ConsultantPlus System on the user's computer, the existing documents are updated, the links of documents in the information array are updated.

The user can select the frequency of replenishment of the existing system ConsultantPlus:

  • weekly replenishment - is made by the personal information service manager;
  • daily replenishment - is carried out by telecommunications (by the Internet).

Personal information maintenance manager:

  • Conducts weekly regular replenishment of information bank ConsultantPlus.
  • Advises on working with the system ConsultantPlus.
  • Helps to form an individual set of systems at the best prices.
  • Provides training in effective methods of work with LRS ConsultantPlus.
  • Delivers professional press of ConsultantPlus (Bulletin of the user, Journal "Glavnaya Kniga" and "Konferents-zal").
  • Solves the issues of mutual settlements and document management.
  • Informs about new products and additional services of the company "Business Consulting - LabIT".

Daily replenishment of the information massif of ConsultantPlus

For support of high-quality daily addition of information banks ConsultantPlus by the Internet in the "Business Consulting — LAbIT" company the high-end server is installed: data transmission rate on allocated channel at least 10 Mbit\s daily.