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Technology Consultant Plus

ConsultantPlus - the reliable system meeting all requirements to the modern software.

Convenient interface

The clear, friendly and modern interface turns on a set of convenient tools which help to save time for search and information analysis, do operation of users by more comfortable.

Settings taking into account the specific needs of professionals

Personal profiles allow to customize system taking into account professional needs of experts - the accountant, the lawyer, the procurement specialist, the financial specialist of budgetary organization, at the same time all habitual tools and advantages ConsultantPlus remain. In each profile - the homepage, a news feed, special hints and search results which are adjusted under tasks of the specific expert.

High technological effectiveness of the system ConsultantPlus

Modern technologies used in system ConsultantPlus make finding documents quick and accurate. Optimal principles of storing huge amount of information in the database to minimize time in updating the system, including optimizing the traffic when updating via the Internet.

Careful development of innovations

All innovations are developed on the basis of careful studying of requirements and opinion of users. Special researches of target audiences are for this purpose conducted.

All new opportunities surely pass industrial test before they are in large quantities presented to all users.

Internet replenishment of system ConsultantPlus

In ConsultantPlus Internet replenishment function - full daily updating of system on the Internet is realized.

Daily updating allows to receive quickly new documents and always to work with urgent information. After updating the user can work with fresh information without connection with the Internet.

Mobile version of system ConsultantPlus

Mobile version of system ConsultantPlus on the flash drive gives the chance to work with documents where it is necessary: in a workplace, in a business trip, houses, etc.

Online services of the ConsultantPlus 

The online services which are built in system ConsultantPlus allow to receive quickly the documents which are absent in a set and to get acquainted with hot documents on the website of ConsultantPlus.


Designers for creation and verification of documents

Online services "Designer of contracts" and "Designer of accounting policies"

Special tools in system ConsultantPlus - "Designer of contracts" and "Designer of accounting policies". They allow to make and analyze contracts and accounting policies of the company at essentially new level.

Certification of Microsoft

Now the system ConsultantPlus is certified on compatibility with the Windows XP/Vista/7/Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 and the newest Windows 10 OS.

Certification of Microsoft is independent confirmation of reliable and stable system operation ConsultantPlus, demonstrates that the system meets all requirements to the modern software and conforms to the international quality standards.