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Designer of accounting policies

What is an online service "Designer of accounting policies" 

Designer of accounting policies is a tool:

  • for creation of accounting policies of the organization from scratch;
  • for modification and additions of the operating accounting policies;
  • for check of the available accounting policies on relevance.

Using the Designer you can create the accounting policies for accounting or tax accounting (for General Taxation System, Simplified Tax System). There is a possibility of the choice of conditions, legally competent formulations are offered. Already existing accounting policies can be changed, added and also to check for relevance and compliance to the legislation.

How an online service works

It is simple to work with the Designer:

  • you choose a type of accounting policies;
  • you note the necessary conditions (from the offered options);
  • you receive a template of accounting policies with ready formulations.

Applications to the Accounting Policies are generated automatically.

The template of accounting policies can be transferred to Word.

    To watch an example of work with "Designer of accounting policies"


Only those conditions which suit your organization

Designer allows to consider the system of the taxation (Simplified Tax System, General Taxation System) and also features of activity of the concrete organization (trade, production, services, construction, etc.) that in many respects defines accounting policies of the company.

There is a possibility of the choice of conditions, it is possible to delete not used (at the same time service won't allow to remove indispensable conditions).

As a result you receive the document which isn't demanding check considering specifics of your organization and corresponding to the legislation.

Warnings of risks and consequences

The highlighted preventions will help to choose the necessary conditions from the offered options. They will inform on restrictions at the choice of ways of account, on risks and consequences of application of the chosen elements of accounting policies, on opportunities of rapprochement of accounting and tax accounting.

Preventions contain references to regulations, letters of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Federal Tax Service Of Russia, there are also references to Guides ConsultantPlus with detailed explanations and recommendations about drawing up of accounting policies.

Changes of the legislation under control

Designer allows to prepare accounting policies for 2016 and also to check the available accounting policies for 2015. Further by means of the Designer it will be possible to form accounting policies and the next years.

The changes of the legislation which have come into force are considered in accounting policies the current year. At the same time if to come into the accounting policies which are earlier kept in the Designer, then there will be a warning of changes of the legislation and the offer to consider them in the new edition of the document.

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