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Designer of contracts

Онлайн-сервис "Конструктор договоров"What is an online-service "Designer of contracts"

Designer of contracts is a tool:

  • for creation of drafts of contracts;
  • for check contracts of the contractor.

It will help to make the contract for a concrete situation, with legally correct formulations and taking into account the current legislation. At changes of the legislation service will warn about it and will suggest to update earlier kept contract template.

How does an online-service works

It is simple to work with the Designer:

  • you choose a type of the contract;
  • you note the necessary conditions (from the offered options);
  • you receive the draft agreement with the necessary conditions.

The template of the contract can be transferred to Word.

    To watch an example of work with the "Designer of contracts"


36 types of contracts

The designer contains 36 types of contracts:

  • deliveries;
  • contract;
  • paid rendering services;
  • rent of the non-residential premise;
  • labour

and other.

Information on each contract is provided in it (subject of the contract, essential conditions, differences from other contracts). It will help to choose the necessary contract and to know about his features.

The list of contracts will increase.

Hundreds versions of each contract

By each contract there is a possibility of the choice of conditions. It allows to create hundreds versions of the same contract due to inclusion in the document of various conditions and their combinations. As a result it is possible to make the contract taking into account a concrete situation.

Warnings of risks and recommendation about their decrease

During drawing up the contract there are warnings of risks, the lack of contradictions between the chosen conditions is traced.

All preventions in "Designer of contracts" contain references to the legislation, jurisprudence and Guides of ConsultantPlus. It will help to analyse conditions and to choose the options suitable you. It is also possible to find the recommendations about signing of the contracts and decrease risks in Guides.

Verification of contracts of the contractor

For examination of the contract it is enough to simulate its conditions in the Designer to check risks.

Changes of the legislation under control 

If the legislation by the contract changes, will appear a warning of it. And service will suggest to update earlier kept contract.

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