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New calculators in ConsultantPlus for accountants and procurement specialists

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The ConsultantPlus system includes 2 new calculators: a tax calculator with a Simplified Taxation System and a calculator for the initial maximum contract price by market analysis. They will help you make the necessary calculations yourself.

  • Tax Calculator with a Simplified Tax System

The calculator will help you calculate the tax under the simplified taxation system, depending on the object of taxation: "income" or "income minus expenses".

To make a calculation, in the fields of the calculator you need to specify:

  • what kind of taxpayers do you belong to;
  • for what period do you need a calculation;
  • your object of taxation;
  • the rate at which the calculation will be carried out.

Depending on the specified data, you will be asked to fill in the table with information about income and expenses. You can also specify the amount of advance payments paid, the average number of employees, and for the object of taxation "income" - information about the trade fee and contributions.

After filling in all the necessary fields, click the "calculate" button.

The calculator will show the calculation. It can be printed or transferred to Word.

Explanations to the calculation will help to understand the nuances, follow the links to go to detailed explanations on the calculation of tax and advance payments on a Simplified Taxation System in Ready-made solutions.

  • Calculator of the Initial Maximum Contract Price by Market analysis method

The initial maximum contract price is one of the key indicators of state and municipal procurement. Customers are obliged to justify the Initial Maximum Contract Price by special methods established in Article 22 of Law No. 44-FZ. The priority method for determining the initial price is the method of market analysis. A new calculator of the Initial Maximum Contract Price will help to correctly calculate the Initial Maximum Contract Price and the coefficient of variation, it is based on the method of comparable market prices (market analysis) (in accordance with section III of the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of 02.10.2013 N 567).

To calculate, you need to enter the main parameters: the quantity of goods and the price per unit of goods from each supplier. You can add suppliers and product lines. The calculator will use the formula to calculate the Initial Maximum Contract Price, the average price and the coefficient of variation.

A ready-made solution, a link to which is in the calculator, will help to understand in more detail the issue of justifying the initial purchase price.

Calculators are a useful Consultant Plus service available to all users of the system. You can go to them immediately from the start page by clicking on the link "Calculators". Here you will find more than 30 calculators for calculating various data: state duties, taxes, penalties, compensation amounts, time period in days and weeks, etc. All calculators are updated regularly.

Detailed information about calculators can be obtained from specialists of the Regional Center of ConsultantPlus Network - LLC "Business Consulting-LabIT" by phone Detailed information about working with judicial practice can be obtained from specialists of the Regional Center of ConsultantPlus Network - LLC "Business Consulting-LabIT" by phone in Moscow: +7 (499) 431-91-15, +7 (499) 431-91-16, +7 (499) 431-91-17, +7 (499) 431-91-18, +7 (495) 781-07-83, +7 (495) 781-07-84 and in Surgut: + 7 (3462) 45-50-08, + 7 (3462) 45-50-09, + 7 (3462) 45-70-26, + 7 (3462) 45-62-24, + 7 (3462) 45-70-98.