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Example of work with "Designer of accounting policies"

Designer of accounting policies - the convenient tool for formation of accounting policies on accounting and tax accounting



Organization has chosen as the reporting period on income tax - quarter, half-year, nine months. At the same time she would like to pay advance payments only following the results of the reporting period, without payment of monthly payments.

We learn consequences of such choice and we will set accounting policies by means of "Designer of accounting policies".

Шаг 1


Select "Account policy for the purposes of the taxation (General System of Taxation, 2016)" in Designer and press the button  Создать документ.

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In the section "Tax on profit of organizations" find the question of the reporting period. It is already the selected period in the first quarter, half year and nine months of the calendar year. This is the most common reporting period. Below there is the question about the payment of monthly advance payments. He was chosen because in most cases, advance payments are paid monthly. Next to the question - a warning about who can't pay.

Рис. 2

Remove a tick from point about payment of monthly advance payments. A warning of consequences and risks of this choice will be highlighted.

Рис. 3

О чем предупреждает Конструктор учетной политики


At the choice of such order of payment of advance payments the organization is obliged to exercise constant control of revenue which shouldn't exceed the set limit. In case of excess of a limit surely it is necessary to pass to payment of monthly advance payments, otherwise a penalty fee will be added. In more detail about it it is possible to read in "Practical grant on income tax".

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Note other conditions of accounting policies from the offered options, keep a ready template of the document in the Designer or transfer to Word  Экспорт.