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IB "Guidebook to contractual work"

Recommendations for drafting contracts: features of conditions for each party, examples of formulations, possible risks.

The most common contracts are considered:

  • deliveries;
  • rents;
  • rental vehicles;
  • rental of buildings and structures;
  • contract's;
  • paid rendering of services;
  • instructions;
  • commissions;
  • state and municipal contract;
  • agency service;
  • cash loan;
  • storages.

For each contract are given:

  • recommendations for the conclusion of a contract;
  • risks of each of the parties of the contract.

In the recommendations discussed in detail the peculiarities of agreement of conditions, give advice about how to avoid risky situations, give examples of the wording of conditions.

In the documents on risks, the risks of each party at the conclusion of the contract are considered in detail. The court practice by means of which the party will be able to justify the position at approach of risk is resulted.

All recommendations and risks are formulated taking into account the provisions of legislation and the analysis of jurisprudence. The texts contain references to legal acts and court rulings.

Addressed to:

  • lawyers;
  • contractual specialists.

Delivery options:

The guide is delivered as a part of systems "Consultant Business: Version Prof", "Consultant Budgetary organizations: Version Prof", "ConsultantLawyer: Version Prof", "ConsultantLawyer", "Consultant Business".

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