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Russian legislation

contains federal legislation: codes, laws, legal acts of the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, ministries and departments.

Decisions of state agencies on disputable situations

documents of state agencies on antimonopoly, patent and other questions.

Archive of FAS decisions and OFAS

decisions of Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation and its territorial departments.

Legal positions of the supreme courts

legal positions of Constitutional court of the Russian Federation, Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation (till 06.08.2014).

Decisions of the supreme courts

documents of the highest bodies of the judiciary: the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

Intellectual property rights court

judicial acts of the Intellectual rights Court.

Guidebook to contractual work information for preparation and verification of contracts: examples of formulations, features of coordination of conditions and assessment of risks for each party of the contract.
Guidebook to judicial practice (Civil Code of the Russian Federation) analysis of decisions of arbitration courts on the most demanded types of civil-law contracts: purchase and sale, supply, lease, loan, commission, loan and other.
Guidebook to corporate disputes analysis of court practice on corporate law: positions of courts and conclusions from judicial practice.
Guidebook to corporate procedures

information on the main corporate procedures of Ltd company and the joint-stock company. Standard regulation, operations procedure, ways and terms of carrying out, paperwork.

Guidebook to state services for legal entities step-by-step recommendations about an order of obtaining licenses, permissions and accreditations, giving in state agencies of notifying documents.
Guidebook to labor disputes analysis of court practice on the disputes arising at dismissal of workers on various bases. Positions of courts of different regions, views of experts in the field of labour law are presented.
Guidebook to contract system in the sphere of purchases step-by-step recommendations about carrying out purchases about rules of the Federal laws N 44 and N 223. Explanations on all stages, samples of documents, practical examples.
Guidebook to disputes in the sphere of purchases analysis of practice of state agencies and vessels according to the solution of controversial issues in the sphere of purchases (laws N 44-FZ and N 223-FZ).

Itemized comments and books

itemized comments to laws and codes, many of which are prepared especially for ConsultantPlus - they aren't in other sources. Books and monographs on legal questions of authoritative experts and leaders of publishing houses.

Legal press

consultations in form "question-answer" on practical questions. Publications from 80 specialized magazines and newspapers on hot topics.

Archive of decisions of arbitration courts of first instance

materials of arbitration courts of the first instance of all regions of Russia.

Archive of definitions of arbitration courts

definitions of arbitration courts of the first, appeal and cassation instances.