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IB "Archive of construction technical norms"

The bank opens access to a large number of documents on construction and related industries, including voluminous ones, with complex schedules and schemes such as:

  • state and national standards for construction and related industries, labor protection, safety (Russian name: GOST, GOSTr);
  • departmental building codes;
  • building codes and regulations;
  • guidance documents;
  • estimated rules and rates;
  • local standards for construction;
  • technological maps and much more.

Information bank is placed in online access, it is possible to follow to it the link from the Homepage of a system ConsultantPlus (in the presence of Internet access).

Addressed to:

  • builders;
  • engineers;
  • specialists in the field of safety and security at construction sites;
  • to specialists of bodies of certification and standartization of construction activity;
  • lawyers;
  • heads of construction organizations.

Delivery options:

Archive is supplied free of charge with the information bank "Construction".

Updating of information: