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The ConsultantPlus company has prepared new release of a disk for a spring semester of 2017 "ConsultantPlus: The higher school".

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The ConsultantPlus company has prepared new release of a disk for a spring semester of 2017 "ConsultantPlus: The higher school".

The disk with information, useful to study, will be distributed for free among students in legal and economic higher education institutions since February.

Information on a disk will help students to prepare for a session and test works, to master modern technologies of work with legal information, to resolve daily legal issues.

The main maintenance of a disk is information from system ConsultantPlus: legal acts, jurisprudence materials, financial consultations, textbooks and comments, answers to daily legal questions from "The Alphabet of Law" series. On a disk there is new version of system - "ConsultantPlus TOP Technology is submitted: your personal profile" with an opportunity to customize system under tasks of the specific expert (the accountant, the lawyer, the personnel officer, etc.). Advantages of new technology will be able to estimate now and students - will help the training materials on work with system with it ConsultantPlus which the disk contains.

The special section of a disk - "Electronic library" with modern educational literature and works of classics of the right. The section includes about 200 textbooks on financial and economic and legal disciplines, and also books of the famous jurists. In new release the electronic library was replenished with books "Origin of the Right" and "Times and Right" by P. V. Krasheninnikov, "Civil law" under the editorship of B. M. Gongalo, "The international finance" by S. V. Kotelkin".

All materials of a disk can be kept on a flash card or on the computer. It is possible to obtain even more useful information, having passed into the section of the disk "Online access". For work on iPhone/iPad and Android-devices to students well special application "ConsultantPlus: Student". He contains legal information (codes, laws), jurisprudence, consultations, and also modern textbooks by right, to finance, economy and accounting. All information is regularly updated.

Disk "ConsultantPlus: The higher school" it is possible to receive free of charge in higher education institution or in regional information center ConsultantPlus.

The disk is allowed by the Educational and Methodical Association (EMA) on legal education and UMO by training in the field of finance, the account and world economy as the manual for students of higher education institutions, students on legal and financial and economic specialties.

This is issued twice a year, to autumn and spring semester. Since 2004 among students and teachers of financial and economic and legal higher education institutions of Russia about 9 million disks are distributed for free.

How to receive a disk, it is possible to know in the regional center of ConsultantPlus Network - LLC "Business Consulting-LabIT" by phone in Moscow + 7 (495) 781-07-83 and Surgut + 7 (3462) 45-50-08, 45-50-09, 45-70-26.