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The President of Russia thanked the chairman of the board of directors of the ConsultantPlus company for a big contribution to development of law

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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin expressed his gratitude to Dmitry Novikov, chairman of the Board of Directors of ConsultantPlus. The President noted the great contribution of D. B. Novikov to the development of jurisprudence and constitutional legislation.

"This is an expression of gratitude not only and not so much to me, but to all the employees of the ConsultantPlus Network who work on the territory of Russia," Dmitry Novikov said.


Today the system ConsultantPlus is an irreplaceable tool of professionals: lawyers, accountants, procurement specialists, HR, budget specialists.

The system contains all necessary legal and judicial information. Branded analytical materials ConsultantPlus - Ready decisions, Standard situations with a step-by-step operations procedure help to understand professional questions, and it is possible to create precisely verified projects by means of designers of contracts and accounting policies.

Quick search in the system takes into account the profession of the user: tips will help to formulate the query accurately, and the search results will adjust to the tasks of specialists. Analytical tools will tell you how to apply legal norms in practice, will help to assess the consequences of violations.

Among new developments there is a number of the innovative services simplifying work with judicial practice: special search of judicial practice on the basis of a document fragment, the Similar Judicial Acts function. On the homepage of a system reminders on important events which will help to do not pass important legislative innovations are placed, will remind of new forms of declarations and reports.

Development of a system goes in the most different directions, but the general vector is a saving of time, increase in convenience of users, reduction of risk of decision-making. So ahead - new plans and developments.

Let's remind that in 2017 when the company celebrated the 25 anniversary, the President of Russia V.V. Putin noted a big contribution of the ConsultantPlus company to formation of legal culture and dissemination of information.