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"Constructor of contracts" from ConsultantPlus has become even more convenient

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The ConsultantPlus company has updated the Constructor of contracts, a tool for creating and verifying contracts and other documents of the organization. Now it has a more modern interface, the necessary functions and buttons have been improved. Thanks to the changes, it will become more convenient to work with the constructor.

Now the constructor contains more than 70 of the most popular contracts: lease, supply, contract, paid services, purchase and sale, labor, license agreements and others, as well as local regulations in the field of labor. With the help of the designer, it is easy to create document templates with legally competent formulations, the necessary conditions and taking into account the specifics of a particular organization. And if you need to check a ready-made contract, for example, from a counterparty, then it is enough to simulate its conditions in the constructor. The system will tell you what to pay attention to.

Working with the Constructor of contracts is simple:

  • select the type of contract (from the rubricator);
  • mark the terms and conditions (options are offered);
  • you get a ready-made draft contract.

A huge range of terms and conditions allows you to draft many variants of the same contract, taking into account the peculiarities of a particular transaction. Warnings and recommendations appear in the course of drafting. For each contract the designer automatically generates a package of all additional documents (taking into account the specified conditions).

All changes in the "Constructor of contracts" are intuitive. They touched on both working with the rubricator and working with the contract drafting window. We are sure that the users of the designer will appreciate all the innovations.

Similar changes have occurred in the interface of the "Accounting policy constructor". With its help, commercial and budgetary organizations can create accounting policies for the purposes of accounting (budget) accounting and taxation (General Taxation System and Simplified Taxation System). There is a choice of conditions, legally competent formulations are offered. The existing accounting policy can be changed, supplemented, and also checked for relevance and compliance with the legislation.

You can try out the "Constructor of contracts" in demo mode by following the link

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