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IB "Legal positions of the supreme courts"

Legal positions of three courts: the constitutional court, the Supreme court of the Russian Federation and the Supreme arbitration court of the Russian Federation (up to 06.08.2014). The position given on the articles of the Civil code of the Russian Federation (in particular, contracts) and Arbitration procedural code of the Russian Federation.

In each legal position:

  • there is a short annotation, which confirms the conclusion of the high court;
  • given a list of the applicable legal standards;
  • selection of acts is given (or the act if it one) the supreme courts;
  • if there are divergences in interpretation of norm, then all points of view of the supreme courts on a question are given;
  • relevance of a position at the moment is specified if the applicable rule has changed.

It is possible to pass to legal positions at once from texts of codes and laws - according to special references or by the button i on fields. Also legal positions are displayed in search results.

From positions it is possible to pass Guides ConsultantPlus and to get acquainted with the analysis of practice of arbitration courts of districts on a question (if this position is considered in the Guide).

Addressed to:

  • lawyers and chief accountants.

Updating of information: