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LRS Consultant Lawyer smart kit Optimal

Structure of a smart kit:

Federal legislation

  • Main normative and other legal acts of the Russian Federation of a general nature, regulating the most significant social relations in all sectors of economic activity.
  • All documents registered in the Ministry of justice.
  • Documents of state bodies (FAS (federal antimonopoly service), FNS (federal taxation service), etc.) by patent, antimonopoly and other issues.

Regional legislation

  • Normative acts by taxes and economic activities of the regional authorities.

Comments of the legislation

  • Analysis of judicial practice and clarification on practical issues: required civil law agreements, issues of application of corporate law norms, labour disputes.
  • Information required for drafting contracts.
  • Step-by-step recommendations on how to conduct corporate procedures and prepare documents for them.
  • Procedure for obtaining permits, licenses and accreditation taking into account the practice of state bodies.
  • Analysis of the practice of state bodies and courts to resolve disputes in the field of procurement.
  • Step-by-step recommendations for procurement under 44-FZ rules.
  • Article-by-article comments on laws and codes: analysis of norms of various branches of legislation.
  • Books and monographs of leading lawyers.
  • Analytical articles from magazines and newspapers on topical issues of legislation and law.

Judicial practice

  • Practice of the supreme courts.
  • Decisions of the district court of arbitration.
  • Positions of the supreme courts on important legal issues.
  • Acts of the intellectual property Court.

Financial and personnel consultations

  • Explanatory letters from authorities.

Forms of documents

  • Samples of filling in documents.

Designer of contracts

Allows you to create your own draft contract and check the counterparty contract for risks. It includes 40 types of contracts, including:

  • contract for paid services,
  • supply contract,
  • contract agreement, etc.

Smart kit also includes the free online service "Accounting policy designer," a tool to create and verify the accounting policy of the organization.


  • FAS (federal antimonopoly service) and UFAS (office of the federal antimonopoly service) decisions.
  • Acts of arbitration courts of first instance.
  • Definitions of arbitration courts.