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Important information about application of regulations is included in texts

In ConsultantPlus all regulations are supplied with important information on their application. All information is presented in the convenient and evident form that helps to avoid wrong decisions, reduces risks and saves time:

  • always it is clear, the document works or not;
  • to each paragraph / article have picked up the explaining materials to which it is possible to pass by the button i on fields;
  • there are notes on features of use of the document;
  • it is possible to follow the links to the mentioned documents;
  • transition to Guides allows to receive detailed explanations on a question;
  • it is possible to receive and compare editions of the document quickly.

Текст Налогового кодекса в системе КонсультантПлюс

Tool "Compare revisions" allows you to quickly find and examine all changes in document:

  • there are all last editions of documents;
  • it is easy to choose the edition operating for concrete date;
  • it is convenient to compare editions in one window;
  • all differences are visually highlighted.

Сравнение редакций кодекса об административных правонарушениях