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HS "Forms with comments about risks for corporate work"

Forms with comments for the main corporate documents of LLC (protocols of general meetings, charters, notices, etc.) and JSC (protocols of the general meeting of shareholders, charters, notices, etc.). In each form, practical recommendations and warnings about legal and tax risks in the preparation of corporate documents. Safe wording options for different circumstances and arrangements.

The forms can be downloaded in Word and PDF.

Delivery Options:

Supplied separately.

More than 70 forms have been prepared for the main corporate documents:

  • LLC (resolutions and minutes of general meetings, charters, etc.);
  • JSC (minutes of the general meeting of shareholders, charters, etc.).

New forms with comments will help to draw up a corporate document of any complexity with a minimum of legal risks. The notes and recommendations in the text will help protect the user from disputes with other business owners and from claims from the authorities (when registering documents).