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IB "Archive of decisions of magistrates"

New online archive includes all published decisions of justices of magistrates dated 2010 and later.

In accordance with the law, magistrates hear at first instance the least significant civil and criminal cases, as well as administrative cases:

  • criminal cases of crimes for which the maximum punishment does not exceed three years of imprisonment;

  • divorce cases, if there is no dispute about children between the spouses;

  • cases of division between spouses of jointly acquired property at the price of the claim to 50 000 rubles;

  • cases on property disputes at the price of the claim up to 50 000 rubles;

  • cases of administrative offenses considered by the courts and not referred to the competence of district or arbitration courts, etc. The volume of the archive-more than 23 million documents.

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It is delivered as part of system Consultant Judicial practice: Courts of law.

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