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IB "Arbitration court of the district"

Judicial acts of arbitration court of a certain district of the Russian Federation. Information banks on all 10 districts of the Russian Federation are presented:

  • North-Western district
  • Ural district
  • East Siberian district
  • Moscow district
  • West Siberian district
  • Volga district
  • Volga-Vyatka district
  • Far East district
  • Central district
  • North Caucasian district

In information bank has included judicial acts of arbitration court of the respective judicial district.

Materials of "Arbitration court of the district" bank allow to estimate probability of positive or negative result of the appeal in arbitration court of the judicial acts which are taken out by arbitration courts of the first and appeal instances entering the respective district.

Possibilities of search:

Сard of search of court desicions of arbitration courts contains two unique fields for search: "Court of the first instance" and "Supervision". It is possible to choose the affairs which are originally considered in court of a certain territorial subject of the Russian Federation and to carry out search of affairs on results of their revision as supervision in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation.

Addressed to:

  • heads, lawyers, accountants of the average and large organizations;

  • auditors, specialists of bank and insurance companies;

  • specialists in securities;

  • specialists of state authorities and local self-government.

Delivery options:

Delivery of separate bank on each district or all 10 arbitration courts of districts as a part of the "Arbitration courts of all districts" complex is possible.

Updating of information: