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New product "changes in personnel (budget organizations)" in the ConsultantPlus system

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The company "ConsultantPlus" has released a new product "Changes in personnel (budget organizations)". It is designed for HR and labor protection specialists and will help:

  • quickly understand what has changed in the regulation of personnel issues for budget organizations;
  • quickly study the issue from scratch;
  • to check and update internal documents, templates.

A variety of issues have been considered:

  • state and municipal service (admission, dismissal, qualification requirements, restrictions and prohibitions, monetary maintenance, rotation of civil servants, etc.);
  • features of work in state municipal institutions (effective contract, remuneration, anti-corruption);
  • features of the work of employees of certain categories and specialties, including teaching staff, medical personnel (qualification requirements, professional standards, certification, accreditation, labor protection, etc.);
  • general personnel topics (staffing, working hours, salary, employment contract, dismissal, guarantees and compensation, etc.).

For each issue, there is brief information about past and upcoming legislative changes, regulatory acts, letters from departments, and judicial practice are presented. There are links to additional materials on the topic: Ready-made solutions with the procedure of actions, Guides, samples of filling out forms, etc.

At the time of release, 115 reviews with the latest changes have been prepared. All of them
are checked and updated daily.

ConsultantPlus has similar products on other topics:

  • "Changes in taxes and personnel"
  • "Changes in budget accounting and financing"
  • "Changes in taxes and contributions (budget organizations)"
  • "Changes in the regulation of corporate procedures"
  • "Changes in judicial claims work"
  • "Changes in the regulation of contracts"
  • "Changes in inspections by authorities"
  • "Changes in the regulation of public procurement"

With the help of reviews, you can easily check what has changed on your question, especially if you do not follow it constantly. And also to get explanations, positions of departments and courts on the topic.

Watch a video about the new product

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