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IB "Questions-answers"

Consultations in form "question-answer" employees of state bodies and independent experts on accounting and taxation, HR and other issues for organizations accounting according to the general chart of accounts.

Subjects are captured:

  • calculation and payment of taxes;
  • application of the special tax modes;
  • personnel questions;
  • use of the Control and Cash Equipment;
  • state registration;
  • licensing;
  • deliveries of production for the state and municipal needs;
  • land use for the organizations keeping account according to the general plan of accounts, and individual entrepreneurs.

In the consultations represented the departments, as well as the perspective of independent experts:

  • official letters of relevant departments (Ministry of Finance of Russia, Federal Tax Service Of Russia, Social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation, Federal labour and employment service etc.), prepared in response to requests from taxpayers;
  • consultations of specialists of departments, leading audit and consulting firms and also independent experts;
  • explanations of experts of ConsultantPlus.

Many consultations are prepared especially for users ConsultantPlus - they aren't in other sources of information.

Consultations contains references to legal acts and materials of jurisprudence.

Addressed to:

  • accountants of the organizations keeping account according to the general plan of accounts;
  • chief accountants;
  • auditors;
  • tax consultants;
  • lawyers;
  • specialists of HR departments;
  • individual entrepreneurs.

Delivery options:

Information bank "Questions-answers" is delivered together with information banks "Guidebook to taxes", "Guidebook to personnel questions", "Guidebook to transactions", "Accounting press and books", "Jurisprudence for the Accountant".

It's possible to delivery within systems "Consultant Accountant: Version Prof", Consultant Accountant, "Consultant Budgetary organizations: Version Prof", "Consultant Business".

Updating of information:

5 times a week.