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IB "Prospects and risks of litigation"

Reference System "Prospects and risks of litigation" contains updated signature copyright of ConsultantPlus, giving you the opportunity to evaluate the judicial perspective in a situation of dispute:

  • common in arbitration courts, i.e. occurring massively in many different companies and is not narrowly specialized / unique;
  • at the same time, unfamiliar for this particular user.

Choosing your own or close to the circumstances situation, you can see:

  • correct formulation of the requirement;
  • what needs to be proved to win the dispute (terms of satisfaction of the claim);
  • main risks (reasons for denial of claim and possible counterclaims);
  • compilation of jurisprudence on similar disputes.

System covers more than 50 categories of arbitration disputes, which are considered:

  • economic disputes on the most common types of contracts (supply, lease, transportation, contracting, provision of services, heat supply, leasing, purchase and sale, etc.);
  • disputes in the supply of goods for state and municipal needs;
  • corporate disputes (transactions with shares and stocks etc.);
  • challenging and avoidance of the debtor 's transactions as part of the bankruptcy of the organizations;
  • tax disputes (VAT, income tax, property tax, etc.));
  • disputes with other state bodies (antimonopoly, customs authorities, etc.).

Addressed to:

  • heads and lawyers of large and medium organizations;
  • lawyers of consulting companies;
  • individual entrepreneurs.

Updating of information: