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New features of the ConsultantPlus system - restoring the previous work session and improving popular functions

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The offline version of the ConsultantPlus legal reference system has been updated: new features have appeared and the functions popular with users have been improved:

- Restore the previous work session

Now you can restore tabs and windows if the work was completed in an emergency (for example, the lights were turned off). When you log in, it will prompt you to open them again;

- Expanded the possibilities of setting documents for control

The popular "Put on Control" function allows you to track changes in important documents. In ConsultantPlus, you can control both the entire document and its fragment (for example, an article of the law). In the system update, this function has been refined and improved. Now, being at the beginning of the document, you can choose what to put on control: the entire document as a whole or only a fragment. This will help to avoid mistakes when, instead of putting the entire document under control, the user accidentally put a fragment of it or the first article under control;

- Documents from the "Favorites" are also under control!

When you add a document to your Favorites, you will be prompted to put this document under control.
"Favorites" is a convenient tool for working with bookmarks, folders and documents that you have put under control. The function allows you to create a personal workspace where you can save important documents and quickly switch to them in the future;

- The "Notify about changes" button in the documents

Now it is even more convenient to monitor changes in documents. Next to the information about changes to the document (for example, about the preparation of a new version), a new button "Notify about changes" has appeared";

- Saving documents marked with a marker

The ability to make color marks in texts appeared in the ConsultantPlus system not so long ago, but users have already fallen in love with it. Now the function has become even more convenient, because all documents that have been marked are automatically added to the "Marked documents" folder in the "Favorites". The document from the folder will open on the first mark made by the user. If the marks are erased, the document will disappear from the "Marked documents" folder.

New features will make working with the ConsultantPlus system even more comfortable, you don't have to worry that if you turn off the computer, open documents will disappear, and if it is important to find out about document changes, it is easy to set up notifications.

To find out more information about the system update, please contact with the specialists of the Regional Center of ConsultantPlus Network - LLC "Business Consulting-LabIT" by phone in Moscow + 7 (495) 781-07-83 and Surgut + 7 (3462) 45-50-08, 45-50-09, 45-70-26.