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Important changes that you won't miss: 6 new products in the ConsultantPlus system

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ConsultantPlus company has released 6 new products with reviews of changes on key topics.

These are reviews:

  • "Changes in taxes and tax specialists" - the accountant, the personnel officer;
  • "Changes in the public sector" - accountant, economist, budget of the organization;
  • "Changes in the regulation of public procurement" - procurement specialist, lawyer;
  • "Changes in the regulation of corporate procedures" - lawyer;
  • "Changes in the regulation of judicial claims" - the lawyer;
  • "Changes in the audit authorities" - all professionals.

Earlier, ConsultantPlus included a review Of "changes in the regulation of contracts", which was highly appreciated by users of the system.

The reviews cover practical issues that specialists face in their work. For example, using the "changes in taxes and personnel" review, you can quickly find out what changes have occurred in basic taxes and contributions, in accounting and taxation, in hiring and firing procedures, and so on.

The review "Changes in the regulation of judicial claims work" covers such topics as pre-trial dispute resolution, the procedure for filing a claim in court, recovery of court costs, payment of state duty, etc.

The review "Changes in government inspections" will help you check whether something has changed in the inspections of the State Labor Inspectorate, the Prosecutor's office, Rospotrebnadzor, the Social Insurance And Pension Fund of Russia, and in tax audits.

For each issue, there is a summary of past and upcoming legislative changes, letters from relevant agencies, and key court practice. There are links to Ready-made solutions with recommendations on how to act, and up-to-date samples of filling out forms. Thanks to the new corporate materials of ConsultantPlus, specialists will be able to quickly check whether there have been any important changes in the issue of interest recently.

It is difficult to view and track all changes in legislation and the position of courts on your own, but with the help of new products in ConsultantPlus you can quickly get the necessary information or study the topic from scratch in an unfamiliar situation, as well as keep internal documents up to date.

The information in the reviews is updated daily and new materials are included.

For more information about each product and how to connect it, contact with the specialists of the Regional Center of ConsultantPlus Network - LLC "Business Consulting-LabIT" by phone in Moscow + 7 (495) 781-07-83 and Surgut + 7 (3462) 45-50-08, 45-50-09, 45-70-26.