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"Contract Designer" is supplemented by contract documents

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"Contract Designer" - online service on drawing up and verification of contracts in system.ConsultantPlus - contains now additional documents to contracts. These are acts, reports, applications and other documents that may be required during the execution of the contract.

Some of these documents must be issued to the contract, for example, the commission report at the commission or the agent report at the agitation. Other documents confirm facts, events, legally significant actions. For example, the act of acceptance and transfer of leased property confirms the fact of its transfer to the tenant.

In total, about 250 contract documents have been added to the "Contract Designer". Depending on the terms of the contract, the list of additional documents may change. The designer will only offer those that are required by law or under the terms of your contract. The content of additional documents also changes according to the specified terms of the contract. The documents contain warnings that help you choose the right wording.

In the "Contract Designer" the most demanded contracts are presented: rent, delivery, contract, reimbursable provision of services and others - 41 contracts in total. A huge choice of contract terms allows you to draw up a contract taking into account the peculiarities of a particular transaction and the interests of the user.

About "Contract Designer" of ConsultantPlus you can learn from experts of Regional center of ConsultantPlus Network - LLC "Business Consulting-LabIT" by phone in Moscow + 7 (495) 781-07-83 and Surgut + 7 (3462) 45-50-08, 45-50-09, 45-70-26.