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Calculators, verifying the relevance of links and many more innovations in the System ConsultantPlus

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Calculators, verifying the relevance of links and many more innovations in the System ConsultantPlus.

In July, many innovations appeared in the ConsultantPlus System!

  • Calculators

22 calculators will help quickly calculate payments: state duty, taxes, penalties, compensation amounts, a period of time in days and weeks. You only need to fill in the proposed fields, and the System will automatically make a calculation, taking into account all the conditions. When entering data, tips will appear to help you understand the nuances. You can print or transfer results to Word. Calculators are available directly from the System Start page in all profiles.

  • Checking the relevance of links

Now you can check whether links to legal acts in explanatory letters from government agencies (the Ministry of Finance, the Federal tax service, the Ministry of labor, the Federal tax service, and others) are up to date in one click. You can use the new feature to immediately see if these documents are still up to date. The system will show exactly what has changed in the document versions. To check links, click the "Check links" button on the Right panel and view all changes.

  • Markers in the document text

Now you can make your own markups in documents directly in the System - as you do in printed text with color markers. These markups will be saved when you migrate to Word and when you print the document.

  • Reminders of important events are now available in the "Universal for budget organizations" profile

Reminders are located in the center of the Home page, so you can't miss them. They will focus on the most important changes that cannot be missed by a budget specialist. For example, what to take into account in the budget reports, new documents of the Ministry of Finance, support measures, etc. You can subscribe to reminders directly from the System, and then newsletters with important news will be sent to your email.

  • Improved the "Refine by norm" function

Using this function, you could search for joint mentions of the selected norm of a legal act with other documents (codes, laws). Now the function's features are expanded: you can select not only a specific norm, but also the entire document to search for intersections.

  • Other innovation

System startup speed in network versions is increased by 20%.

You can start working with the most recently opened documents from where you left off the previous time.

Hints about the "expired" and "not applicable" document statuses have become brighter and more noticeable, so you won't miss them when working.

Innovations have made working with the ConsultantPlus System even more convenient and comfortable.

From July, innovations will be available to users of the Offline version of the System. In Online versions, they will appear later. Please check with the specialists of the Regional Center of ConsultantPlus Network - LLC "Business Consulting-LabIT" by phone in Moscow + 7 (495) 781-07-83 and Surgut + 7 (3462) 45-50-08, 45-50-09, 45-70-26.