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LRS Consultant Budget organizations smart kit Optimal

Structure of a smart kit:

Federal legislation

  • Codes, laws and other documents regulating the economic activities of budget organizations.
  • Practice of out-of-court resolution by state bodies (Federal Antimonopoly Service, Federal Tax Service, etc.) of disputes on complaints and appeals of organizations and citizens
  • Expert application (the budget of the organization)
  • Drafts of laws (basic version). Drafts of legal acts (basic version).

Regional legislation

Regulatory acts of the regional authorities on the economic activities of budget organizations.

Consultations for budget organizations

  • Ready-made solutions for budget accounting and taxes, insurance premiums, reporting, procurement, etc. questions.
  • A guide to budget accounting and taxes. Step-by-step instructions for budget, accounting and reporting accounting of budgetary organizations, personnel issues.
  • Consultations in the form of a "question-answer" for budget organizations on accounting, reporting, taxation, Budget Classification code and the classification of the Operations of the General Government Sector, personnel issues, public procurement.
  • Explanatory letters from the authorities, including for budget organizations. Letters to agencies (Ministry of Finance, the Federal tax service of Russia, Ministry of economic development, etc.) in response to requests from professionals.
  • Articles and books on budget accounting, taxation, and personnel issues.
  • Schemes of correspondence of accounts on financial and economic operations of budget organizations.

Comments on legislation

  • Ready-made solutions for procurement, labor disputes.
  • Guide on disputes in the field of procurement. Analysis of the practice of state bodies and courts in resolving controversial issues in the field of procurement.
  • Guide to the contract system in the field of procurement. Step-by-step recommendations on procurement procedures.
  • Article-by-article comments on codes and laws: analysis of the norms of various branches of legislation.
  • Books and monographs of leading lawyers.
  • Analytical articles from magazines and newspapers on current issues of legislation and law.

Judicial practice

  • Practice of higher courts.
  • Positions of the higher courts on important legal issues.
  • Acts of the Intellectual Property Rights Court.
  • Decisions of the arbitration court of the district and the arbitration court of appeal of the region.
  • Acts of the court of Cassation of general jurisdiction.
  • Supermassive judicial practice: acts of the arbitration courts of the first instance of the district, regional and district courts of general jurisdiction of the district.

Document forms

Samples of filling out documents.

Contract Designer

A tool for creating contracts for budget organizations. Allows you to create your own draft contract and check the counterparty's contract for risks. More than 40 contracts, including:

  • a contract for the provision of services,
  • a contract for the supply of goods, etc.

The smart kit also includes a free "Accounting Policy Designer" - a tool for creating and verifying an organization's accounting policy.


  • Decisions of the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service.
  • Acts of the commercial courts of the first instance.
  • Definitions of arbitration courts.
  • Archive of decisions of courts of general jurisdiction.
  • Archive of decisions of magistrates.