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IB "Guidebook to judiciary practice (Civil Code of the Russian Federation)"

Analysis of judicial practice on topical and complex issues of application of part two of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. Presents the position of the courts and the conclusions of jurisprudence.

Contains information about the most popular civil contracts:

  • purchase-sales;
  • deliveries;
  • rents;
  • contract's;
  • paid rendering of services;
  • loan's

and other.

The information is presented in a convenient form:

  • each material is devoted to a specific chapter or paragraph of the Civil code of Russian Federation;
  • by the articles of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the main problems of application of the norms have been identified;
  • conclusions from jurisprudence and all existing court positions presented on each issue;
  • conclusions and positions of courts are illustrated by fragments of court decisions, references can be made to the full texts of the mentioned decisions.

Information Bank also contains information on the causes of any problem of application of the norms of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Addressed to:

  • lawyers solving all legal issues in the organization;
  • lawyers specializing in contract law.

Delivery options:

The guide is delivered as a part of systems "Consultant Business: Version Prof", "Consultant Budgetary organizations: Version Prof", "ConsultantLawyer: Version Prof", "ConsultantLawyer", "Consultant Business".

Updating of information: