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Online-bank "Archive of decisions of the courts of law"

Decisions of courts of general jurisdiction of different subjects of the Russian Federation, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. Information bank contains the decisions of district/city courts and courts of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation (regional, territorial and courts of the republics) all regions of Russia which are absent in information bank "Courts of law". Decisions on labour disputes, consumer protection, traffic violations, debt recovery, land, housing, insurance disputes, etc., are presented.

The Information Bank is available to all accompanied users who have the Information bank "Courts of law".

Information bank is placed in online access, it is possible to follow to it the link from the Homepage of a system ConsultantPlus (in the presence of Internet access).

Addressed to:

  • the lawyers of organizations and advocates;
  • employees of public authorities and local self-government;
  • head of organisation.

Updating of information: